Dry Aged Steak

Dry Aged Steak

Check out this dry-aged steak!

Father’s Day preparation is in full swing today.

We had to stop and share this absolute showstopper. This full-flavoured Dry Aged Steak has been dry aged in store with  Cape Grim Tasmanian Natural Beef for 35-day plus. A dry-aged junior tomahawk is a winner for Father’s Day!
  • Sold individually
  • You can bake it, smoke it….BBQ it….the list is endless
  • It will be full-bodied in flavour and melt like butter
  • 100% grass-fed from the one and only Cape Grim Beef in Tasmania
  • Most of all……Dad will love it

Dry aging is one of the best ways to prepare beef. It gives the meat an incredible flavour and texture. Find out more about our method here!

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