Dry Ageing

What is Dry Ageing?

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Dry Ageing is simply the process of leaving the meat to hang on a frame for a minimum of five weeks before eating it.

Achieving optimum results from any beef needs Ageing, and Ageing takes time. Dry Ageing is a traditional way of tenderising meat to produce a more intense flavour.

Dry Ageing is a method that has been used for many years. During the dry-ageing process, beef reaches its highest possible grade.

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The Perfect Steak

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The perfect steak needs nothing else than to be put through this old school, tried and tested method. With our new state of the art Dry Ager from Italy, you can now experience the benefits of dry-aged meat in a high tech, strictly controlled environment.

Aged to Perfection

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Our particular Dry Ager works much like a Smart TV, controlling the temperature, humidity and air. The result is meat that has been aged to perfection using the latest innovative technology and meat that will taste like nothing you have ever tasted before. The flavour and texture of dry-aged meat are far superior to an ordinary piece of meat.

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Free Dry-Age Offer

New to Dry Ageing?

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You will already know about and love dry-aged beef if you are a foodie. If you are new to the world of dry-aged meat, we encourage you to give it a try. You don’t have to select a large whole primal such as a T-Bone to dry age. You can choose something smaller like a delicious Rump Cap if you are a first-timer.

Still curious about our Dry Aged meat?
Ask our expert team of Craft Butchers next time you are in store.

Free Dry-Age Offer

Free Dry-Age Offer

Congratulations Cole! Cole has taken our free dry-age offer to the next level with this Barley Fed MB5+ Pure Black Angus Scotch Rib Fillet. After five weeks

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