Farewell Allan

Farewell Allan
It’s been a very big week at Bermuda Butchery! Not only did we open our new Meat Cellar, but we also farewelled one of our valued team members, Allan.

Those of you may not know that Craig did his apprenticeship under Allan at Pacific Fair butchery many years ago.

So as a fitting send off Allan, here is a personal message to you from Craig….

Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the craft and indenturing me as an Apprentice Butcher over three decades ago.

35 years on and who would’ve thought that I would have the privilege of you retiring whilst working for me.

You taught me so much about the art of butchering but more importantly, you instilled in me much more about applying yourself, being yourself and believing in yourself. Thank you for laying that foundation.

I wish you and Margaret many windy roads, stunning sunsets and crystal clear starry nights in your motorhome.

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