Find your Perfect Steak

Let our expert team of Craft Butchers help you find your perfect steak, from taste to texture and everything else in between.

Below is a little snapshot of our steak range, including a short description of how we believe each one feels and tastes on the palate.

We sell a range of the finest brands farmed in different regions using different methods resulting in brands and cuts that all eat differently in their unique way. It’s a little bit like buying wine!

Note, every single product listed below contains no added HGP’s (Hormonal growth promotants ).


TASMANIAN Eye Fillet – Light and smooth. Incredibly tender, lean and effortless eating. Grass-fed.

PURE BLACK MB3+ Centre Cut Rump – Light and velvety. Very tender, lean and light on the palate. Barley fed.

PURE BLACK MB4+ Sirloin Steak – Rich and decadent. A fabulous eating experience. Barley fed.

WANDERER MB2+ Scotch Rib Fillet – Full-bodied and buttery. Soft and tasty with a flavoursome aftertaste. Grass raised and finished on barley.

BASS STRAIT T-Bone Steak – Robust and juicy. A perfect summer BBQ steak. Tender stretched. Grass-fed.

CAPE GRIM Rump Steak – Hearty and succulent. Tender with fantastic flavour. Grass-fed.

WANDERER MB2+ New York Cut – Full-bodied and juicy. Soft eating with a bursting aftertaste. Grass raised and finished on barley.

VINTAGE BEEF Co. Scotch Rib Fillet – Rich and full-bodied. Easy eating and full of flavour. Grass-fed.

WAGYU MB6+ Centre Cut Rump – Rich and nutty. Very tender with a lovely nutty aftertaste. Grain-fed.

CAPE GRIM Junior Tomahawk – The best bone-in steak and even more fantastic reverse seared. Grass-fed.

Roasts, Briskets and Ribs

CAPE GRIM Picanha/Rump Cap – Hearty and succulent. Ideal for roasting or smoking with amazing flavour. Grass-fed.

PURE BLACK MB3+ Picanha/Rump Cap – Full Bodied and succulent. Ideal for roasting or smoking. Barley Fed.

WAGYU MB3+ Picanha/Rump Cap – Ideal for roasting or smoking with a mild nutty aftertaste. Grain-fed.

CAPE GRIM Brisket – Rich and Succulent. Mouth-watering, the pinnacle of low n slow cooking. Grass-fed.

CAPE GRIM STANDING RIB – A premium superlative beef roast. Grass-fed.

CAPE GRIM Short Ribs – Full-bodied and juicy. A much loved easy low n slow favourite full of flavour. Grass-fed.

Want more information? Ask our expert team next time you are in store.

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

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Dry Aged Steak

Dry Aged Steak

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Pure Black Angus

Pure Black Angus

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