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Well before a product is prepared in store, Craig and his team of craft butchers personally select each producer and product to ensure the quality of produce is second to none. Specialising in the finest Tasmanian Beef brands, Bangalow Sweet Pork from Northern NSW, gluten free sausages and Nitrite Free Bacon and Ham, it is easy to see why Bermuda Butchery is commonly referred to as the best butcher shop on the Gold Coast.

Cape Grim Beef

Tasmania is world-renowned for its rugged wilderness, beauty and landscape of vivid contrast. Cape Grim in the far northwest corner, shaped by wild Southern Ocean swells, abundant rainfall has the cleanest air in the world! Cape Grim’s collective of beef farmers throughout Tasmania, King and Flinders Islands are truly committed to sustainable farming and ethical practices. They nurture the finest quality cattle, without harming the pristine environment.

Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand selected and rigorously graded, rewarding you with pure beef flavour made by nature.

Sovereign Lamb

Sovereign Lamb is all-natural prime lamb raised in the pristine Goldfields region of Victoria Australia. The region has produced Australia’s finest and pure lambs since the 1880s. Sovereign Lamb is a gourmet lamb of the highest quality, every cut is outstanding, from the elegant rack of lamb to the boneless leg roast.

Sovereign Lamb is committed to preserving the land and sheep raising lifestyle for future generations.

Sovereign Lamb Cutlets Bermuda Butchery

Bangalow Sweet Pork

The way pork should taste! Hormone-free, antibiotic-free, multi-award-winning flavoured pork. Bangalow Sweet Pork has a very simple aim to produce the best quality and best-tasting pork in Australian. Bangalow Sweet Pork is supplied by small Australian family farms. They promote the use of sustainable agricultural practices so that farms will continue to provide fabulous fresh produce for generations to come. They are proud leaders in their industry, since their inception their product has been antibiotic-free and they do not use any hormones on their farms.

Bermuda Butchery is extremely proud to partner with Bangalow Sweet Pork. Selling this amazing product all year round and producing the finest nitrite-free hams and bacon,  smoked onsite by our expert team of craft butchers.

Robbins Island Wagyu Beef

Robbins Island is situated on the North Western tip of Tasmania. Their prized cattle are grazed naturally and sustainably on lush pastures without supplements or hormones.

Throughout the year bands of local horsemen and women swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them between grazing areas, it is quite the spectacle. The cool climate, salt air and pristine environment are ideal for naturally raising some of the most tender and best tasting beef in the world.

Wanderer Beef

Come and experience Wanderer! Enjoy the rich flavour of barley fed beef without the use of intensive feedlots. Wanderer cattle are left to roam free in paddocks, plus they have access to barley through the use of their innovative feeding system. Resulting in the perfect feeding balance to produce the finest quality beef all year round.

The Vintage Beef Company

Welcome to a take on Spanish Galician Beef. Raised purely on grass, Vintage cattle enjoy the green pastures of Tasmania in a relaxed environment. What makes The Vintage Beef Company different is their long processing times. Their cattle must be at least 60 months old, more than twice the age of regular cattle. The result, because the cows are older, the meat has a rich, developed grass fed flavour with superb marbling. Giving you a distinct and unique experience. This style of farming has been enjoyed by Europeans for years.

Bass Strait Beef

Pure southern beef. Bass Strait Beef employs a ‘Natural State Hanging Method” – All Bass Strait Beef carcases are hung in a way that follows the natural anatomical position of cattle. As a result of this muscle stretching, cuts like Rump and Porterhouse can achieve optimal eating quality. The result is a taste that is as clean as the winds of Bass Strait.

Elgin Valley Free Range Chicken

Free-range chicken from the foothills of the Glasshouse Mountains. Elgin Valley chickens roam free on acres of lush green pasture.

Every part of the process from Elgin Valley’s specially developed protective netting to the feed is designed to make sure that the Elgin Valley product is as natural and healthy as possible. Their commitment is a product that is tasty, ethically produced, chicken free from any growth promoting hormones, that you can feel good about feeding to your family.

Elgin Valley has a passion for quality. They believe Australians deserve fresh, premium quality chooks, free from any growth-promoting hormones.

Elgin Valley chooks are 100% Australian owned and grown and proudly sold at Bermuda Butchery.

Nolan Meats

Nolan Meats is a 100% Australian,  family-owned company founded as a small retail butchery business in Gympie in 1958.    Today, Nolan Meats focuses on producing quality grain-fed beef for delivery to retailers, further processors, wholesalers and International markets.

The company vision statement, “Delivering Pleasurable Meat Moments… Every Time!” is the focus of our existence. Pleasurable meat moments are about ensuring that the products provided to our customers meet the highest food safety standards, provide enjoyable eating experiences and have regard for consumer health in delivering light, lean beef products.

From our shops

Sirloin Steak

Sirloin Steak

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Dry Aged Steak

Dry Aged Steak

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Pure Black Angus

Pure Black Angus

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