Pure Black Angus

Pure Black Angus

Pure Black Angus MB5+ Scotch Rib Fillet

The finest of fine….. When it comes to beef, there’s nothing like a good cut of top-quality meat. And when it comes to top-quality beef, there’s no better choice than pure black Angus beef.

So why is Black Angus Beef so superior?

Black Angus cattle are grass fed and reared in mother nature’s best environment, Tasmania, with abundant clean air and rainfall.

So why does Pure Black Angus Beef taste so good?

It all comes down to the thinly and evenly distributed marbling throughout the meat.
Black Angus beef not only tastes delicious but is also sublimely tender and melts in your mouth.

you know you deserve it. Available in both stores.

From one of our followers on Facebook. Thanks for the feedback Louis!

Had the Pure Black rump cap on the spit again tonight. Such a special flavour. Thanks for stocking these Beauties Craig.
Pure Black Angus Rump Bermuda Butchery
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