Private Selection T-Bone Steak 500g


$48 a kilo

Sold individually at 500g each.

Private Selection T-Bone Steak. The T-bone steak delivers two flavoursome cuts in one steak – eye fillet being smooth and tender on one side and sirloin being more full-bodied in flavour on the other side. If you love your steak on the bone then this is the steak for you.

Private Selection – grain finished beef from the Burnett region in our home state of Queensland. Raised on green pastures and finished on grain. Private Selection Beef is exported all over the world,  rigorously graded, giving you a succulent grain finished beef flavour – made by nature.

We recommend cooking on the BBQ. See our guide for how to cook the perfect steak.

Sold individually 500g each.

Gluten-Free: Yes

Weight0.500 kg
Grain Finished Yearling T-Bone Steak. Bermuda Butchery. Gold coast QldPrivate Selection T-Bone Steak 500g
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